Crack the JEE- Mains Exam in Less Than 72 Hours and Make A Big Impact On Your Scores

Do you want to make it to IIT? Do you want to make your parents proud? These are some of the questions that give an answer to why you want to appear for IIT JEE 2016. However, to get into a prestigious institute like IIT, you need to make a proper plan to crack the JEE exam.

krati-tiwari-lFor those who thinks that you can’t crack the JEE mains exam because you don’t have enough time to prepare now, this post is something you should read. Here we will give you some tips to crack the exam in less than 72 hours and get an edge over others.

• Before you start your preparation, create a systematic time plan. For it you’ll first have to calculate the total time you’ve and then divide it equally among different subjects so that you can prepare better. Buy the best books for IIT JEE mains exam and get started.

• Remember, to ace the exam you first need to understand the basics, without which you won’t be able to solve the problems. So always start with the basics and set them clear.

• You need to invest proper and equal time in both theory and problem solving while preparing for JEE mains 2016. Make sure that you always solve your problem within allocated time frame.

• Practice regularly and try to solve questions on your own without referring to solutions. If you’re not able to solve it, try again and again. This will help you to understand and retain the things better.

• When preparing the schedule, take out time for your enjoyment and leisure as well. It is important that you do things that you like while preparing because it will help you to concentrate better when studying.

• When preparing for IIT JEE exam, it is important that your mind is in peace for which you need to have enough sleep. Also, getting good night’s sleep will improve your retention power. It is better that you sleep early and get up early as it will keep your brain active in the morning.

• Believe in yourself and always try to understand what you read. Never only mug up things but understand the concept behind for better performance in the exam.

Do not lose hope while preparing and give your best. Buy IIT JEE Mains books and start your preparation along with taking regular mock test. This will boost up your confidence for better performance in the exam.