10 Scientific Study Skills to Ace IELTS Exam

Are you planning to appear for IELTS? If yes, make sure that have a look at this post as it will give some best scientific skills that will help you bell the exam. The International English Language Testing System, (IELTS), is mainly designed to evaluate the candidate’s ability to read, write and speak English. It assess your language ability.


Before you start your preparation, you need to understand the structure of the exam. What is the test format? Which are the different sections? Which are the best IELTS preparation books? How many questions you can expect? Which section would be the most difficult one? These questions will have simple but important answers as they will help you become familiar with the exam format. Once you go through the syllabus and know the exam pattern, you can follow the following 10 study skills to clear the IELTS exam:

1. Out of the three sections- reading, writing and speaking, find out the area you think you’re weak in. Once you find it, start working on your weaker areas.

2. It is a wise move to pay more attention to your reading and listening skills. This is because unlike the speaking and writing section that will be graded subjectively, listening and reading will be objectively graded. Therefore, there will be more chances for better scoring.

3. For the writing part, try to complete essays in less than 1 hour. Also, task 2 first as it generally carries more marks than task 1.

4. When practicing papers, train yourself and make it a habit to always follow the instructions.

5. Try out a stimulation test and work on building up your stamina.

6. You’ll have to answer 40 questions in an hour. So do you think you can do that? Trust us, it won’t be that easy. So, you need to practice regularly and take IELTS mock test as it will improve you speed.

7. Have a good night’s sleep before the exam. This will help you retain things better.

8. Take proper breakfast in the morning before you go out for the exam as you might not be able to concentrate if hungry.

9. To score good the speaking test, try taking mock test with a friend or a family member and this will boost up your confidence.

10. Try to get an idea from the previous exam takers, there strategies, their questions etc. and start preparing accordingly.

Following the above strategies will surely help you to crack the IELTS exam with flying colours.