Giving Mock Tests for competitive Exam- Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts!!!

Two things that every topper of any competitive exam stresses on are giving as many mock tests as possible and regular practice of questions from each topic. Practising questions topic from competitive exam preparation material or books wise will help you gain better understanding of the topic. Mock test series will give you a fair idea about the exam pattern. The more you give mock tests and better you score in them, the more are the chances of getting good score in the competitive exam you are preparing for. But the way you appear for mock test also matters a lot. Here are some do’s and don’ts that one must take care before sitting for the exam.

Before you appear findexor the mock test, you should cover all the topics mentioned in the exam syllabus. If you don’t then it will be difficult for you to attempt the question and at times you are unable to judge the topic from which the question is asked.

Secondly, when you sit for the mock test practice, have the mindset that you are actually sitting at your exam centre and appearing for the actual exam. When you will sit with the mind set, then you will actually feel the time pressure, thus will manage the time accordingly. Take mock test for competitive exam of noted institutes as they will provide you with questions on relevant topics and difficulty level.

If you want mock test of noted institutes, then you should visit Prozo. Their associated partners are Aakash, Plances, The Gate Academy, TIMES, Practice Guru, etc.


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